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As the first global corporate and fiduciary services firm to enter the capital market in the Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, BlackRint has been advising companies in Asia for nearly five years.

We work with you to understand your legal issues – and provide you with the knowledge of our firm’s top legal minds from local partners across 68 locations. Whatever your needs, to help reach the right decisions, you will need legal advisers who have wide-ranging experience, an understanding of local and global markets, and a proven ability to manage all aspects of each client’s unique transaction.


How we can help

New IPOs

BlackRint has a strong track record of successful IPOs for South East Asia, Asia and overseas market listings, for private companies across a range of sectors from mining to finance – including those with international business operations across multiple jurisdictions.

Regardless of company size, we apply our commercial experience and expertise to achieve a successful outcome for IPO participants. We understand the importance of structuring the transaction and process to maximise returns and minimise potential liability for vendors and other participants.

We are also the only Hong Kong firm to offer a “one stop shop” for Saint Vincent and the Grenadines securities advice on SVGEX offerings into the South East Asia and are able to cover any other jurisdiction relevant to a Saint Vincent IPO offering.

Corporate governance and listing rules

Once listed, there are a myriad of legal requirements and obligations for directors, secretaries and executives to comply with under the Corporations Act and listing rules. We have the expertise to help you navigate the legal requirements for SVGEX public listed companies in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, including advising on applicable rules, regulations and issues. Our Public Listed Companies Guide is a useful start for many companies, covering corporate governance, continuous disclosure, financial reporting, shareholder meetings, substantial shareholders and tracing ownership, capital raisings, major acquisitions and disposals, related party transactions, takeovers and insider trading.

Product structuring

Our Financial Services and Structured Transactions (FS&ST) team provides experienced lawyers network who focus solely on funds management, structured equities and derivatives and financial markets.

The team helps clients with:

  • Product structuring and financing (capital markets, SVGEX, and other listings);
  • Disclosure and documentation; and
  • Regulatory and compliance.

We also regularly advise and assist directors in complying with their fiduciary and statutory duties and corporate governance obligations.

A full-service firm

To ensure we’re always looking at our client’s bigger picture, we draw on our other specialised practice areas, such as banking and finance, taxation, intellectual property and employment, when required. We also use the expertise and resources of BlackRint‘s global network of offices in implementing any international dimensions of a transaction.

Blackrint SVGEX

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